Presentation Skills and Conquering the Fear

Whether you get flustered at the drive thru speaker, or panic at the podium, everyone suffers from anxiety at some point. You are not alone! Over 75% of the population shares your fear. In fact, fear of public speaking ranks higher than the fear of death and disease! Relax. We’ll help make fear your friend!

Investment in learning how to lose the anxiety:

  • Breaks down the fear barrier
  • Trains you to put the focus on your audience
  • Explains the physical and emotional changes related to anxiety and teaches you to redirect
  • Builds confidence in your abilities to share your message
  • Provides you with exercises and strategies to calm your nerves
  • Encourages you to enjoy the spotlight

This is a popular session that is fun and uplifting and pokes fun at our insecurities while helping us to realize that our input is valuable and deserves to be shared. Optional extended workshop includes opportunity to perform and receive constructive critique.

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